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Quinta do Alto São João is located in the deep countryside of Funchal's south coast. As such it is great for walking, hiking up to the mountains and relaxing by the pool.

Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Shore Fishing - Ponta do Sol has a small fishing industry itself. However shore or rock fishing can also be enjoyed by fishing enthusiasts.
    The type of fish you can expect to catch are likely any or some of the following (names in Portuguese with English translation in parentheses):

    Garapau (Blacktail combers), Cherne (Wreckfish), Abróteas (Larger Forkbeard Fish), Encharéu (Guelly Jacks), Boga (Bogue), Bluefish, Cow Bream, White Bream, Two Banded Bream, Lumpheaded Bream, Saddled Bream, Common Bream, Zebra Bream, Bodião (Parrotfish), "Cavalas" and the abundant Chicharros (Horse Mackerel). Many other smaller amounts of other types of fish can also be caught - including the rather special Badejo (Comb Grouper), Mero (Dusky Grouper) and Peixe Porco (Gray Triggerfish).
  • Butterfly Catching: Clouded Yellows, Small Whites, Red Admirals, Indian Red Admirals, Painted Ladies, Small Coppers, Long Tailed Blues, Speckled Woods and Monarch Buterflies are just some of the possible nettings.

  • Bird Spotting: Canary birds, Spectacled Warblers, Linnets, Quails and Turtle Doves. If you are very lucky and travel further up into the protected Laurrisilva forest you might even catch a glimpse of the very rare and indigenous Long Toed Pigeon. Other birds that live closeby to the quinta include Robins, Blackcaps, Grey Wagtails, Kestrels, and Buzzards. Time out in natureWhen you travel into the forests and surrounds you may encounter the Madeiran Firecrest, the Madeiran Chaffinch and the unique Berthelot's Pipit

  • Levada Walking - many lesser known Levadas run close by and near the quinta. It is advised that experienced Levada walkers take these while newcomers to this wonderful activity try the well documented and safer more picturesque Levada walks of, for example, the Encumeada - Levada do lombo do Mouro - Ribeira Brava walk, the Levada Nova walk, the Levada do Paúl, and the spectacular Rabaçal and 25 Fontes walks near the Paúl da Serra.
  • Lazing by the pool
  • Sauna
  • Car tours
  • Village hopping
  • Parasailing nearby in Arco da Calheta
  • Ocean swimming
  • Surfing at Jardim do Mar and Paúl do Mar

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