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The way holidays to Madeira used to be.

Acclaimed as one of the most attractive hotels in Madeira the Quinta do Alto de São João is the perfect alternative to staying in a "city" hotel.

Just 4 Km from the center of the village of Ponta do Sol (Point of the sun) - the area which is considered the warmest in Madeira - the hotel sits atop the "Lombo" (Portuguese for a mountain shoulder) of "São João" (Saint John) on the lush green and sun jewelled dappled terraced lands of the south coast of Madeira.

The hotel crowns the village from its magnificent vista and is the perfect spot to view the beautiful wide expanse of the Atlantic ocean or to begin discovering the "Levadas" close by.

Ponta do Sol Village

The village of Ponta do Sol is one of the most picturesque and quaint on Madeira. It is so named because of the abundant sun that this point enjoys for much of the year. Sunsets are incredibly beautiful here!

Some Features

Relax... Surrounded in the heart of the green countryside by unpolluted nature and flowing levadas, you'll find a "new age music" type relaxing scenario...
Rooms... The hotel offers fourteen luxurious rooms, all fully equiped, including outstanding private (ensuite) bathroom, digital phone and cable television.
As some of our frequent guests have mentioned, each room has a unique personality, inducing different sensations... just as if each one belonged to a different world... but all in a wonderful harmony...

There is a "grand" lounge, breakfast room, mézanine floor, regional restaurant, swimming pool, solarium, sauna and gardens.
Extensive grounds include leisure areas, and agro-biological and poultry farm.

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